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Learn digitally everywhere & anytime.

University style education on a Primary School level🏅

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Learn digitally
& anytime.

University style education on a Primary School level🏅

No credit card required - Cancel anytime

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On Android and iOS.

Get the Polar Academy app on any device, via the Play Store or App Store. Study anytime, anywhere—no computer required.

Offline and online.

Our app delivers seamless learning, online or offline. Study without worrying about data or power cuts.

Instant feedback.

Receive immediate feedback on practice sessions to make the most of your study time.

Works with schools.

Aligned with partnered schools, Polar Academy enhances classroom learning, giving you the tools your teachers recommend.

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Kickstart your journey with essential learning tools designed for the ambitious student. Access material aimed at swift and efficient mastery of modern skills.


per month
  • Math, English and Afrikaans
  • Grades R to 7
  • Access on the web and apps.


Step into a versatile role with our Pro Plan, offering a full suite of resources for those who aim to learn and instruct. Elevate your educational experience with advanced teaching tools.


per month
  • No transaction fees
  • 20 admins / instructors
  • Bulk student upload

Students love schools using Polar Academy.

Easy as one, two, three

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Paid Monthly
A digital teacher that acts as a supplementary resource to students and teachers by providing them with unlimited material and practice to make sure learning goals are mastered and not just "covered". Adhering to CAPS and taking the best practices from Finland and Singapore to elevate learning opportunities not seen in South Africa till today.
  • As many seats as needed for the school  (Max. 1500)
  • All students get access to all academic courses in Math and English.
  • Includes all Grade R to Grade 7 courses.
  • Access to both website and app on Windows, Android and iOS (Apple).
  • Available 24/7/365 to suit the needs of every individual learner.
  • Video Content, Unlimited Quizzes, eBooks and Audio Transcripts.
  • Exam Preparation for each grade and subject.
  • Improvements and upgrades made weekly incorporating constant feedback from participating schools.
Partner Program


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Paid Monthly
Combining the Digital Teacher and Creative packages into one unified solution with a few additional perks - Digital Enterprise aims to help the school prosper in all fields of development.

A product crafted and refined over a period of 10 years - now available to all South African schools.
  • Includes everything in the Digital Teacher Plan.
  • Includes everything in the Digital Creative Plan.
  • Access to the Partner Program.




Paid Monthly
Designed specifically for schools in the modern era which aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience to students; To provide teachers with resources, training, material and tools to navigate the 21st century; And to give parents ample reason to boast about why their school is the best. 
  • Bespoke Website specifically for your school and Custom Domain.
  • 360° Virtual Tour of all Facilities.
  • Unlimited Flipbooks for marketing, lead generation and promotion.
  • Weekly Blog for Sport Highlights and Upcoming Events.
  • Tailored Brand Kit custom to your school to refresh documentation, certificates and other official school material.
  • Access to tools and software valued at R3'000 per student per year.
  • Joint 100TB Cloud Storage and Email Accounts for all Staff and Student.
  • IT Management and Support of all Student and Staff Accounts.

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